The faculty of economics

The faculty offers students to gain knowledge in the following specializations:

Bachelor degree programs:


  • “Finances and credits” considers training for work in banks, economical services of enterprises and organizations, state regulatory bodies of the federal and municipal level;
  • “Accounting, analyses and audit” considers training for work in the spheres of commercial entrepreneurship and noncommercial organizations, as an employee of budgetary institutions, organizations and enterprises of different levels.
  • “Economics of enterprises and organizations” considers training for work in economical services of enterprises and organizations of Agro-industrial complex.


  • “Production management” provides training of the specialists for management and business spheres in different enterprises and organizations.

Master’s degree program:

  • Economics of enterprise and sectorial markets

Postgraduate training program:

  • Economics and management of the national economy (Agro-industrial complex and agriculture)

    Up-to-date equipment, a rich library fund, an informational base which includes the data of statistic and financial records, bookkeeping operations of enterprises, institutions and organizations contribute to the academic process at the faculty.

Training and research base of the faculty:

  • 3 academic buildings;
  • 6 networking computer rooms;
  • a room of new social-economical literature;
  • a laboratory of technical means of management.