Engineering faculty

The engineering faculty trains specialists on the following specializations:

Bachelor degree programs:

  • Technical systems in agribusiness
  • Technical service in Agro-industrial complex

 The objects of the professional activities of a graduate are: machine technologies and machine systems for production, storage and transportation of plant and animal products; technologies and means of technical maintenance, machine diagnosis and maintenance; machines, devices and equipment for enterprises of technical service.

A graduate of the faculty is qualified for the work on enterprises of agro-industrial specialization which deal with provision, storage and primary processing of plant and animal production, machine-technological stations and enterprises of technical service.

The students practice the obtained skills during their practical trainings in leading agricultural and industrial enterprises.

Besides the engineering education students can also get the working professions such as a tractor driver/machine operator, a driver, an auto mechanic, a mechanic-diagnostician and some others.

Master’s degree program:

  •  Technical systems in agribusiness

Postgraduate training program:

  • Technologies and means of mechanization, and energy equipment in agriculture, forestry and fishery -Specialization “Technologies and means of mechanization in agriculture”

Training base of the faculty:

  • an academic building with 57 classrooms,
  • specialized laboratories with  necessary devices and up-to-date multimedia equipment,
  • machines/ tractor fleet,
  • work units.