Technological faculty

Technological faculty began to realize the training of personnel for the dairy industry as the first one in Russia. It was founded in 1911.

The faculty trains specialists by the professions in the following spheres:

Bachelor degree programs:

  • Technology of milk and dairy products
  • Machines and devices of food production
  • Standardization and metrology (Standardization and certification in food industry)

 The objects of the professional activities of the bachelor in “Technology of milk and dairy products” are food enterprises, raw materials, ready-to-cook food, products of animal origin and hydrobionts, products of processing and waste products, food ingredients and additives, technological equipment, devices, regulatory process engineering documents, sanitary, veterinary and construction standards and rules, international standards, methods and means of quality control of raw materials, ready-to-cook food and end products and etc.

The objects of the professional activities of a graduate in “Machines and devices of food production” are technological and machines and equipment of different complexes, production technological processes, their development and learning to use new technologies, regulatory technical documentation, systems of standardization and certification, machining attachments and means of mechanization and automatization of technological processes, vacuum and compressor machines, hydraulic machines, hydraulic drive and hydraulic and pneumatic control systems, etc.

The objects of the professional activities of a graduate in “Standardization and metrology” are products (services) and technological processes; equipment for enterprises and organizations, metrological and test laboratories; methods and means of measurement, test and control; technical regulation, systems of standardization, certification and quality management, metrological support of scientific, production, social and ecological activities; regulatory documents.

Master’s degree programs:

  • Technology and quality management of dairy products
  • Standardization and certification in food industry

Postgraduate training programs:

  • Technology of meat, dairy and fish products and refrigeratory production
  • Processes and devices of food production

Training base of the faculty:

  • an academic building with classrooms equipped by multimedia facilities,
  • research laboratories with modern equipment for a physicochemical method of analyses of raw materials and products,
  • an experimental area at the educational-experimental dairy factory, where it’s possible to produce all types of dairy products.