Faculty of veterinary medicine and biotechnologies

The faculty provides training in the following specializations:


  • Veterinary

The objects of professional occupation of the specialists in “Veterinary” are agricultural, domestic, laboratory, exotic, wild and game animals, birds, bees, fish, hydrobionts and other objects of sea and river works, cell cultures, microbiological and virous strains, raw material and finished goods of animal and plant origin, forage and feed supplements, places of their procurement and storage, medicines and biologies and etc.

Bachelor degree programs:

  • Zootechnics (Production technology of livestock products)

    The objects of professional occupation of the bachelor in “Zootechnics” are all the species of agricultural animals, domestic  and game animals, birds, wild animals, bees and fish; technological process of animal products production; animal food of plant and animal origin, feed supplements for all animal and bird species, technological processes of animal food and feed supplements production and etc.

  • Organization of entrepreneurship in agroindustrial complex

    The objects of professional occupation of the bachelor “Organization of entrepreneurship in agro-industrial complex” are agricultural crops and animals, technologies of production, storage and processing of agricultural products, equipment for processing plants, constructions and equipment for storage of agricultural products.

Master’s degree program:

  •  Zootechnics (Innovative technologies in animal breeding)

Postgraduate training programs:

  • Veterinary microbiology, virology, epizootology, mycology with mycotoxicology and immunology
  • Breeding, selection and genetics of agricultural animals
  • Forage production, feeding of agricultural animals and forage technologies
  • Small animal science, production technology of livestock products

Training base of the faculty:

  • an academic building with classrooms and research laboratories with modern equipment;
  • a clinic-diagnostic center.