The joint grant from DAAD to continue the cooperation

International cooperation 27 Sep 2021

From 2016 the Rhine-Waal University together with Vologda SDFA, Kyrgyz National Agriculture University and Kharkiv National Agriculture University received funding from DAAD for realization of programs within the cooperation project «Eastern Partnership”.  Thank to this grant several students and professors from Vologda SDFA could visit the Rhine-Waal University and take part in seminars, have a short practical training, do a scientific research. The German colleagues could come to Vologda and give guest lectures for the students of the academy.

In September we received a positive answer for the next three-year period (2022-2024) to continue our cooperation.

With the DAAD funding available the partner Universities plan to pursue the following priorities in the next three years:

  • - consolidation of the partner network;
  • - placing the scientific focus of activities on the topic of sustainable food systems;
  • - maximizing the benefits of our collaboration through the use of online teaching tools.