Requirements for registration of articles

Articles containing results of theoretical and experimental studies of the authors which are relevant at the present stage of scientific development and corresponding to the subject area of the journal are accepted for publication to the "Dairy Bulletin" journal.

The volume of the article is from 16 to 20 pages for works of a topical character and from 10 to 12 pages for works on specific issues, typewritten in a word processor MS Word, in version of 2003, and saved in a RTF. format, paper sheet size – A4, font – Times New Roman, size of type – 14PT, a single interval. Tables should be made in the font size of 10 – 12 PT. Headlines of the text should be thrown up with the help of standard styles (Headline 1, Headline 2, etc.). No more than 1 object (figure or table) is permitted to be placed on 2 pages of the text. Inserted objects must be placed completely in the portrait orientation of the sheet. All used images in the text must be submitted in individual jpeg, gif or png format.

The structure of the article:

  • universal decimal code (UDC) – in the upper right corner;
  • title of the article in Russian – in the center;
  • surname, name, patronymic (fully), academic degree, academic rank, position;
  • e-mail of the author (obligatory);
  • full name of the organization (place of work) of the author;
  • title of the article in English – in the center.
  • surname, name, patronymic (fully), academic degree, academic rank, position in English;
  • e-mail of the author;
  • full name of the organization (place of work) of the author in English;
  • keywords in Russian and English (no more than 7);
  • abstract in Russian and English languages;
  • the main text of the article. In accordance with international standards the articles should meet the following structure of presentation: the topicality, the degree of knowledge of the issue, the recency of the article, the statement of the problem, scientific and practical findings and suggestions, the conclusion, references.
  • the list of references (recommended not less than 12 and no more than 25 items), taped according to the requirements of GOST 7.1-2003. The list of references is in order of citation as follows in the main text of the article. References in the text are necessary for each source in square brackets, for example [1].
  • the list of references in English. Links to the English-language sources are made on the basis of Harvard (Harvard was given in the work of O. V. Kirillova "Editorial preparation of scientific journals according to international standards. The recommendations of the expert Scopus" (Moscow, 2013. Part 1. 90 p.).

Simultaneously with the article the editorial Board must receive the agreement for the processing of personal data, the cover letter, the author's information, the summary and license agreement.

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