Molochnokhozyaystvennyy vestnik, №4 (48), IV kv. 2022

Read in the issue:

  • Creation of pasture agrophytocenoses for adaptive fodder production in the North-West of the Russian Federation
  • Protein foods of vegetable origin
  • Study of the possibility of using syrups based on vegetable raw materials in the technology of production of canned dairy products


Molochnokhozyaystvennyy vestnik, №3 (47), III kv. 2022

Read in the issue:

Productive and breeding qualities of black-motley cows of different lines;

Genetic diversity in populations of Russian White, Pushkin and Cornish chickens based on the analysis of homozygous regions;

Development of a creamy paste recipe in compliance with the macronutrient balance


Molochnokhozyaystvennyy vestnik, №2 (46), II kv. 2022

Read in the issue:


• Implementation of economic and biological qualities and properties of modern varieties of oats in the conditions of the southern part of the Pskov region


• Seasonal changes in the quality indicators of milk in cows of the Ayrshire breed in the conditions of the Vologda region


• Options for hydration of sodium caseinate in the enrichment of skim milk in the production of cottage cheese

Молочнохозяйственный вестник, №1 (45), I кв. 2022

Читайте в номере:

  • Ферментный профиль  сыворотки крови у клинически здорового молочного скота  как признак селекции
  • Параметры корреляционной взаимосвязи продуктивных признаков молочного скота
  • Анализ пищевой ценности плодов растительного сырья как функциональных ингредиентов для разработки молочных продуктов геродиетического питания

Molochnokhozyaystvennyy vestnik, №4 (44), IV kv. 2021

Read in the issue:

  • Influence of qualitative indicators of spermatozoa on the fertility of oocytes in vitro conditions
  • Raising, growing and fattening systems
  • Production and quality of raw cow's milk in the Vologda region

Molochnokhozyaystvennyy vestnik №3 (43) , III kv. 2021

Read in the issue:

  • Breeding and genetic parameters in dairy cattle breeding
  • Fermented milk product of high nutritional value
  • Production of yogurt enriched with Jerusalem artichoke of different fractions

Molochnokhozyaystvennyy vestnik №2 (42) , II kv. 2021

Read in the issue:

  • Correlations of Economically Useful Traits of Black-and-White Cattle
  • Influence of the degree of inbreeding on the economic and useful qualities of dairy cattle
  • Obtaining a probiotic consortium based on strains isolated from cow's milk

Molochnokhozyaystvennyy vestnik №1 (41) , I kv. 2021

Read in the issue:

  • Key blood enzymes as a feature of dairy cattle breeding
  • Growth and ontogenetic allometry of the visceral organs of embryonic chickens of the Loman Brown cross at different stages of embryogenesis under a stable temperature and humidity regime of incubation
  • Development of a concentrated sweet dairy product with a combined protein and carbohydrate composition


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