The correlative dependence of sires gametogenesis on heliophysical factors

УДК 636.2.082.12

 There has been identified the bulls with the maximum ejaculate volume

belonging to the line Montvik Chieftain 95679, exceeding by 23,5% on this parameter

bulls of the Simmental lines. The bulls of different genotypes show a reliable negative

correlation in the main signs of sperm production with cosmophysical indicators of solar

and geomagnetic activity. The Raphael’s 3111 lines bulls have been more sensitive to

the learned factors of cosmic influence than Bravo’s 6802 line bulls. Among the Holstein

lines the most stable bulls in gametogenesis have been the Montvik Chieftain 95679.

The leastest tolerance have the S.T. Rockit’s 252803 lines bulls. The generative activity

of bulls significantly has decreased with the increasing of the geomagnetic disturbance.

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