Prevention of embryonic mortality in recipient cows

УДК. 636.2:636.082:591.3

The results of research on the prevention of fetal mortality in recipient cows using a combination of anesthetic and sedative agents to relieve the stress response conducting embryo transplantation are presented. It is noted that during sacral anesthesia with 2% novocaine solution and intramuscular administration of 0.5 ml/ 100 kg of xylanite solution before embryo transplantation, the physiological parameters were within the limits of the physiological norm. Temperature indicators range from 38.4±0.42 to 39.0 ±0.14 ° C, pulse and respiration an hour after administration of drugs in the first experimental group corresponded to the physiological norm (67.6±0.83 beats per minute and 26.0±2.38 respiratory movements per minute). The dose of novocaine solution is calculated according to the instructions for the use of the drug, namely, the length of the croup is measured in cm (from the mucus to the sciatic tubercles) and divided by three, the resulting number denote the amount in ml of novocaine solution require for anesthesia.The level of cortisol is lower in the group with the use of a combination of drugs by 24.6% (P<0.01) than in the control one hour after the introduction of embryos into the female genital tract.

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