Characteristics of Superior Breeding Material on the Basis of the Promising Breeding Families Study

УДК 636.082

Families represent the highest form of breeding work in dairy cattle breeding, which requires a deep study of breeding records of animals up to 10 generations or more, taking into account the genealogical affiliation. Therefore, the article has theoretical and practical significance in breeding programme. As a result of the long breeding work of specialists of OOO (LLC) “Zazerkal`e” of Gryazovets District in the Vologda Region, a highly productive herd of black-and-white breed has been created. The article presents the superior breeding material of the herd on the basis of eighteen promising breeding families, established as a result of the analysis of genealogies of high-yielding record-holder cows. Outstanding families that persistently transmit their hereditary qualities to offspring have been identified: the Aprelka`s 681, the Medichka`s 1084, the Charlotka`s 1184, the Oda`s 1091, which represent breeding material for producing high-value heifers and bulls of domestic selection.

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