The influence of cows’ breeds on the quality indicators of milk

In modern conditions of breeding dairy breeds of cattle, an important

element of the study is the influence of breed and quality indicators of milk. The studies

were carried out in 2019 on the basis of the SHPK “Plemzavod Maysky” Vologda region

on the quality indicators of milk from Ayrshire and black-and-white cows in the amount

of 15663 milk samples. Based on the results of milk samples, a research database on

milk quality indicators was formed and a comparative characteristic was carried out

The impact and results of using sires in dairy cattle populations in the Vologda region

Studies were conducted on controlled populations of dairy cattle of

Ayrshire, Kholmogory, Yaroslavl, black-and-white breeds of breeding farms in the

Vologda region. It has been revealed that the sires of domestic selection have a greater

degree of influence on the productive indices of their daughters than foreign ones do.

The calculation of the breeding value of bulls in terms of their daughters’ productivity

has been carried out, and on the basis of a comparative analysis the best producers

Biological and productive features of black-motley cows with various milking techniques

The research was carried out at an enterprise in the Sverdlovsk region. Two groups of black-motley cows were formed: the first including cows of free stall housing with a robotic milking system; the second having tied cows that were milked into the milk pipeline. It was found that udder measurements of animals of the first group had greater values than those of the second group.

The dynamics of number, indices of productivity and economic use in the breed populations of dairy cattle

The article presents the results of monitoring the number of livestock, the indices of dairy cows productivity and the period of their economic use in the populations of Ayrshire, Holstein, Kholmogory, Black and White, Yaroslavl breeds in all categories of farms of the Vologda region. Based on the data from yearbooks on breeding on dairy cattle breeding farms of the Russian Federation the dynamics in the number of evaluated cattle and cows according to their breed populations for 2012-2016 has been defined.

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