The Quality of Silage Made from a Mixture of Fodder Galega and French Willow

Silage-making is a simple and reliable way to preserve the green fodder mass in a succulent state. The article regards the options for silage-making of fodder galega with the addition of French willow (rosebay willow-herb) in various ratios. The quality indicators of the finished feed have been determined. It has been revealed that the pH of all silage variants does not reach the biological limit values for the development of lactic acid bacteria (3.0 - 4.2).

Phased improvement of feed production under the conditions of large commercial agricultural enterprise

The presented new methods for studying the production and economic activities in the feed production of the large commercial agricultural enterprise PSK (Industrial Agricultural Cooperative) “50 Let Oktyabrya” allow setting certain benchmarks in the phased improvement of the enterprise fodder production. The results of the research work of the enterprise during 2009-2017 made it possible to develop an original matrix of cultivating maize for silage and, in whole, made it possible to establish the most important factors of successive improvement of feed production.

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