Pests and diseases on the white mustard testes

On the white mustard testes on soddy-weakly podzolic soil is revealed a complex of pests belonging to the orders Coleoptera, Hymenoptera, Lepidoptera, Homoptera, and five types of fungal diseases. Spraying of 5% Sumi-alpha insecticide with a consumption rate of 0,2 l/ha reduces the number of pests on flea beetles, bedbugs, aphids, blossom veevers, cabbage whites and moths on the 25th day after applying by 90,5-99,3%.

Phytosanitary state of blue lupine crops under conditions of Pskov Region

The phytosanitary assessment of blue lupine crops under conditions of the North-Western zone of the Russian Federation has been done. Harmful objects in lupine agrocenosis have been identified, control measures have been suggested.

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