Flax productivity in seven-field crop rotation on sod-podzolic light loamy soil by using fertilizers and biopreparation

New experimental data have been obtained in the stationary multi-year field experiment on sod-podzolic light loamy soil in 2016-2017. Actual yields of flax straw and seeds of «Levit 1» flax variety in 7-fields system with different levels of fertilizer doses are calculated using balance coefficients in «Mizorin» biological preparation application and without it.

Analysis and Optimization of Parameters of Drying Flax Bales

The article justifies the necessity of final drying flax bales while harvesting in adverse weather conditions. The main parameters that control the process of drying flax bales are determined. The article gives the analysis of technical equipment for drying flax bales. The authors propose the device that allows drying flax bales evenly along the height. The experimental research results are given in the article.

System problems of flax growing in Russia and abroad, the possibilities of their solution

The object of research is the flax complex in Russia and abroad. The Russian flax complex includes agrarian farms and enterprises of processing industries (textile, construction, chemical, etc.). The analysis of the crisis situation of raw materials in the Russian flax complex is given: the lack of finance for flax farms, technological backwardness and low technological discipline at the stages of cultivation and primary processing of flax, high costs and uneven quality of the fiber materials. The state of flax complex in the various regions of Russia is reviewed and analyzed.

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