wastewater sludge

Improving Water Management: problems and prospects

The dynamics of water use indices in the Russian Federation and in the Vologda Region has been evaluated in the article. The dimensionless water use efficiency indices have been suggested. Small applicability of the best available technologies, high energy intensity of waste and natural water clarification, inappropriate disposal of wastewater sludge, high water tariffs in the countryside can be considered as the main problems of water use in the Vologda region. Using wastewater sludge as fertilizer is the most rational method of its disposal.

Fertilizer mixtures with wastewater sludge on sod-podzolic soils

The article presents the characteristics of mixtures based on wastewater sludge (WWS) and organic elements (sawdust, peat, straw). There is the fertilizers influence on nutritive regime of sod-podzolic soil, experimental crop yield (vetch-oat mixture and winter rye) and their quality.

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