Soft cheese production in the conditions of individual and collective farms

The work is aimed at studying the suitability of milk for cheese making and developing the technology for soft cheeses production by the thermoacid method in the conditions of personal subsidiary, individual, and collective farms. Research works have been carried out to determine the quality of milk from cows of “Studencheskiy” Scientific Production Center of the Chuvash State Agrarian University. Studies of milk at the testing laboratory center of the university were carried out according to generally accepted methods.

Intensive production technology of a lactulose-based feed additive with high bifidogenic activity

The article describes the prebiotic action mechanism, in particular lactulose. The article presents the production technology of lactulose syrups. The authors give the results of using the lactulose-based prebiotic additive with weaned piglets.

Aspects of«pasta filata» cheeses production

The article presents the results of research aimed at studying the composition and properties of milk obtained in the conditions of the farm enterprise in the Yurginsky district of the Kemerovo Region. In the winter-spring period milk had an increased fat content of 4.5 - 5.0%. Pure taste and flavor of raw milk without foreign flavors and odours give the basis for obtaining cheese with good characteristics. Further work is devoted to the selection of effective conditions for extracting the cheese mass in the production of Pasta Filata cheeses.

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