Analysis and selection of similarity criteria for modeling of polymer coatings formation processes in repair of agricultural machinery

The article reviews the main similarity criteria for simulation of real fluid motion processes; the conditions ensuring the uniformity of the coating have been formulated. The process of polymer coating forming from the polymer solution on the bearing is recommended to analyze using Reynolds number of Re. The difference between the estimated and actual values of parameters for polymeric coating application does not exceed 10%.

Way of reconstructing case parts of agricultural machinery with poly-meric materials

The authors suggest a way of reconstructing basic parts using the repair size method. Filment bores are rebored for three repair sizes according to the wear rate. The processed bore is equipped with a new bearing, its outer race being covered with a polymeric coating of adequate thickness providing the junction immobility. The theoretical research has resulted in a model of forming an even polymer coating on the external surface of a rotating cylinder part.

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