The dynamics of number, indices of productivity and economic use in the breed populations of dairy cattle

The article presents the results of monitoring the number of livestock, the indices of dairy cows productivity and the period of their economic use in the populations of Ayrshire, Holstein, Kholmogory, Black and White, Yaroslavl breeds in all categories of farms of the Vologda region. Based on the data from yearbooks on breeding on dairy cattle breeding farms of the Russian Federation the dynamics in the number of evaluated cattle and cows according to their breed populations for 2012-2016 has been defined.

Impact of fluorine industrial contamination on system “soil - fodder - milk”

The article is devoted to the actual problem of the usage of agricultural lands located within the Russian industrial territories contaminated by aluminum industry. Due to the monitoring research findings in the system “soil - fodder - milk” (area of contamination - the Krasnoyarsk aluminum smelter OJSC “RusalKrasnoyarsk”) the content of water-soluble fluorine in the plough layer of soils, awnless brome herbage and hay and in wild grasses. The foundations for restrictions concerning the agricultural usage within the contaminated area were determined was estimated.

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