The growth and development of black-motley breed heifers having different feeding activity in the suckling period of growing

The article presents the results of the research on patterns of growth and development of breeding black-motley breed heifers having different indices of feeding activity in the early stages of suckling growing period. Young animals with high food activity in the initial stage of growing, eventually has intensive metabolism, greater live weight, and earlier maturity. Passive in relation to food animals have a tendency to levelling existing differences. At the same time these animals don’t achieve full compensation in the development by the time of the first insemination.

Use of starter combined feeds in the ration of black-andwhite replacement heifers

The article presents results of the research dedicated to the influence of starter combined feeds on the growth of black-and-white replacement heifers. It has been found that feeding the animals at the age of 2-5 months with the starter combined feeds in the amount of 1.5-1.7 kg per head daily contributes to greater edibility of feeds and increase in average daily gains while optimizing the animal health condition.

Chlorella suspension use in feeding yield heifers of blackand white breed in milk period growth

The article gives the results of studying on chlorella suspension influence on the yield heifers of black-and white breed. It has been established that feeding crop additions to animals in milk period growth of 0,5kg per head during twenty-four hours brings an increase in average daily gain, feeding activity of heifers along with health conditions optimization.

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