Biochemical blood test in high-yielding lactating cows during the initial stage of lactation depending on the housing system

The biochemical parameters of blood in high-yielding lactating dairy cows during the initial stage of lactation and the tightness of this stage depending on the housing system have been studied. Innovative cattle housing and milking methods are considered in comparison with the classic tied housing system. The authors point out that the basis of effective dairy farming is the organization of standardized feeding system, and its impact on the condition of the animal.

An efficient mineral and energy supplement in the rations of highly productive cows

The article discusses the results of scientific and economic experiment carried out on black-motley breed cows on the use of mineral and energy supplement, ‘Reactor’, which includes energy components, calcium propionate, betaine and natural sorbent. The complex action of the investigated product had a positive impact on animal productivity. It was established experimentally that using during the transitional period of 250-350 gr. of ‘Reactor’ per head daily allows to increase daily milk yield of cows in the first hundred days of lactation by 9.8 and 14.5% (to 30.3 and 31.6 kg vs.

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