Epizootic situation on parasites of small ruminants under the conditions of the Vologda region

The article describes the results of a study of the parasitofauna of small ruminants in the Vologda Region. Parasitizing of 13 species of helminths belonging to 2 classes Cestoda and Nematoda has been established in sheep. Infection of sheep with helminths of Strongylata makes 16.6 to 100%. The species composition of goat helminths in the private subsidiary farms of the Vologda Region is represented by 9 types of helminths belonging to the Nematoda class.

A medical case of diagnosis and treatment of hepatoid glands adenocarcinoma in a dog, the use of wound healing techniques of humane medicine

The paper presents a diagnostic approach to a patient with a suspected

malignant disease. Morphological description of the cytogram, cell morphology and

tumor differentiation have been given. Surgical treatment (excision of the tumor) has

been performed applying the wound healing techniques of humane medicine used in

the removal of perianal fistulas.

Methods of monitoring of social-economic efficiency of credit cooperation

A complex scenario of development of credit cooperation has been suggested, it is based on measures of governmental regulation and improvement of information analysis system. The authors have developed and tested the system of indicators on the example of the Vologda region. The system allows assessing the social and economic efficiency of credit cooperation of the region as a condition of sustainable development of rural territories.

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