биологическая ценность

Fermented milk product with lingonberry juice and oatmeal

The technology of a new fermented milk product with lingonberry juice and oatmeal has been developed. Organoleptic and rheological characteristics of the model samples have been taken into account for the recipe development. The biological value calculation has proved protein usefulness of the new product. The cost price as well as the wholesale and selling prices, confirm the expediency of producing a new product.

Gelled dessert products with using fractional components of curd whey

The possibility of using nanofiltration concentrate of curd whey in the technology of gelled dessert products has been studied. The expediency of using nanofiltration concentrate and vegetable fillers to increase the nutritional and biological value of the gelated product has been shown. Rational proportions of gelatin and vegetable fillers have been established, and their influence on the quality indicators of the finished product have been studied. The technological scheme has been developed and technological modes of production have been established.

Bioavailability Estimation for Canned Dairy Product on the Basis of Soy Protein Isolate

In the work the biological value of a canned dairy product developed on the basis of soy protein isolate and a control sample has been compared. For estimation the following criteria have been taken: the ratio of amino acid profile balance, the index of comparable redundancy, the index of irreplaceable amino acids and the ratio of utility attitude. As a result, it has been found that the developed product exceeds the control sample in all the above mentioned estimation criteria.

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