пожизненная молочная продуктивность

Lifetime use of cows from different breeding bulls

The article presents the influence of the birthplace in Ayrshire producers from Vologda region on the lifetime productivity and terms of using their daughters in the breeding plants (Krasnaya Zvezda and Maysky  integrated agricultural production  companies). The selection influence on using of daughters is found out, namely high lifetime productivity indicators are typical for cows from imported producers, longevity and high fat content for the descendants of domestic bulls.


Breeding black-motley cattle for productive longevity

The article presents the results of black-motley cattle linear breeding in the Vologda region. The linear dependence of black-motley cows’ useful life has been established both in purebred animals and in crosses with Holstein sires.

Selection aspects of increasing the terms of productive use of cows of Ayrshire breed

The article presents the research materials concerning the terms of productive economic use of Ayrshire cows bred in the Vologda region. The differences of animals of different genealogical lines of Ayrshire cattle on the number of lactation, milking days and milk life productivity were revealed. The influence on the specified indicators of various options of breeding animals’ selection is established. Recommendations on improvement of selection and breeding work with Ayrshire cattle breed are given

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