Improving the Design Efficiency of Mechanical Mixing Machines of Bulk Capacity Vessels

In the article a comparative assessment of the mixing devices has been carried out, data have been given on the structural materials used in their design. The processes of computer modeling and calculation of the stress state of the mixing machine design using the SolidWorks Simulation application have been described. The design characteristics of the blade type stirrer have been substantiated.



Design development of the vortex homogenizing head by hydrodynamic processes computer modeling in the SOLIDWORKS FLOW SIMULATION program

The paper presents a virtual simulation of hydrodynamic processes in a vortex homogenizing head from the SolidWorks Flow Simulation program. A comparative analysis of vortex flows paths, trends of velocities and pressures is carried out. As a result, the advantages and disadvantages of various design features in vortex homogenizing devices are revealed.

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