winter wheat

Influence of manure, cover crops and combinations of them with a degrader of stubble on soil fertility and crop yields

The work gives a comparative assessment of the effect of manure, green manure and combinations of them with a stubble degrader on the supply of dry biomass, accumulation of total carbon in the arable layer of meadow-chernozem soils, crop yields and quality of crop production. The current research has shown that the effect and aftereffect of oilseed radish green manure, legume green manure and oilseed radish green manure combined with a stubble degrader fallow lands have not been inferior to the manure fallow land in terms of biomass accumulation.

Sown fallow land as a predecessor of winter wheat in organic crop farming of the Lower Volga region

The article presents the research results on the effectiveness of fallow lands with green manure crops as predecessors for winter wheat in reproducing the fertility of light chestnut soils, productivity and quality of winter wheat grains in organic crop farming of the Lower Volga region. The research has shown that replacing summer fallow with a fallow with phacelia as a green manure crop increases the supply of organic matter to the soil in comparison with the control variant by 3.09 t / ha, ensures a positive balance of organic matter +4.05 t / ha.

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