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Scientific and practical recommendations for obtaining innovative feed based on a three-component poly-species mixture of annual forage crops

Long-term studies (2000-2020) showed that the introduction of vetchoats grain silo mixture in the diet of dairy cows contributed to an increase in milk productivity by 6.1 %, while reducing the cost of exchange energy for the formation of 1 kg of milk by 1.7 %. The aim of the research was to obtain an innovative feed for dairy cows based on the use of a variety mixture of annual forage crops, from which grain silo mixture can be produced.

Agrotechnological features of creating a highly effective poly-species mixture of annual forage crops

Long-term studying (2009-2020) the agrotechnological features of creating mixtures of annual forage crops in various economic conditions allowed to establish innovative possibilities for implementing a rational synchronization effect on the quantitative and qualitative components in producing this type of forage agricultural products. The overall economic effect of using the proposed innovation is 395.6 rubles (rus) per point-hectare of arable land.

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