The effect of additives based on fodder yeasts on some biochemical indicators of blood in lactating cows

The article presents the results of studying the effect of yeast-based feed additives on metabolism of lactating cows. It has been stated that in the doses recommended by the manufacturer they do not have a negative impact on metabolism. The use of fodder yeasts allows to optimize the level of protein metabolism in animals.

Ethological individuality as a sign of ayrshire cattle breeding

Studies having been carried out on animals of Ayrshire breed show that indexes of food, motion and total activity selection can be successfully used as selection signs. Selection of cows on ethological individuality is accompanied by an increase of their milk production. Animals with increased food activity, compared to cows with a low one, have got the rise of milk yield per lactation by 686 kg. Ultra-active cows should be mentioned particularly, productivity of them opposite to infrapassive ones increases by 49%.

The indices of platelet functional ADP-reactivity in different animal species

The article presents the results of studying the platelets adhesive activity and its comparative characteristic in different animal species.

“Smartamine” feed additive use in dairy cows ration

The article gives the results of methane-containing feed additive use on productive and reproductive characteristics of dairy cows, as well as physical and chemical, and technical properties of milk. Feeding 15 gr of Smartamine feed additive per a head made an increase in milk yield capacity by 13% in keeping the quality of obtained products, as well as optimization of reproductive abilities of cows and their health state.

Influence of field beans «protected» protein on indicators of dairy cows productivity

The article presents the results of studies how field beans subjected to the microwave and chemical treatment influence the productivity of cows and the composition of milk. It has been found that the using in the cows diet of treated corn field beans in an amount of 1,5 kg per head of livestock increases the average milk yield with 4% fat by 5,3-11,1% and the absolute milk protein yield by 2,9-8, 2%.

The interrelation between the higher nervous activity type of the Kholmogory breed cows and their milk productivity

The presented work is the result of studying the influence of the nervous type of the Kholmogory breed cows on their milk productivity in a free stall housing system. These studies clearly demonstrate the advisability of selecting cows regarding their types of higher nervous activity. The average milk yield of animals with a balanced, strong and mobile type of higher nervous activity was 21% higher than in other animals which will make it possible to form more productive herds and increase milk production.

Use of ethological indices in ayrshire cattle breeding

The article presents data of ethological monitoring of Ayrshire first lactation cows, which are kept in tied confinement during summer. Breeding cows according to the ethological individuality is accompanied by an increase of milk productivity indicators. Animals with high feeding activity have a 967 kg increase per lactation, compared with animals with low feeding activity. The productivity of active and ultra active cows increases by 15.6 -17,2 %, while the coefficient of lactation stability increases by 5 - 9 %, unlike the productivity of infrapassive animals.


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