Various fertilizer system impact on the nitrogen mode features of the sandy sod-podzolic soil

УДК 631.81:631.582:445.2

Nitrogen in the sod-podzolic soils is in the minimum and its deficiency, coupled with insufficient and unstable heat regime in the region, reduces the productivity of Northern agrocenoses. On the other hand, excess of nitrogen fertilizers causes an increased mineralization of natural nitric compounds, soil deterioration and weakens natural soil restoration processes. Region’s bioclimatic conditions and its agricultural landscapes influence the particulars of the sod-podzolic soil nitrogen cycle, i.e., insignificant leaching from the topsoil, especially on fields under row crops.A longlasting field experiment based on generalization of cultivation methods has served as the basis of the complex research to study the efficacy of various mineral base fertilizer systems and to define their impact on the nitrogen mode in the sandy sod-podzolicsoils during a crop rotation link. It looks significant and burning to clear up mineral nitrogen transformation mechanisms and its migration rate in cultivated soils that have been treated with the help of various fertilizer systems. It will make it possible to develop techniques that increase crop productivity in crop rotation systems and at the same time keep up the stability of humus and nitrogen modein sod-podzolic soils of the North-Western Russia.

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