Study of Lamé formulas applicability for determining the forces of pressing the cylinders in the cylinder block of internal combustion engines

УДК 62-771

In the design of the technological process of the cylinder block sleeving in the internal combustion engine is urgent to develop a theoretical model that allows the calculation method to determine the force of pressing the sleeve into the block. The problem of determining the pressing efforts is to determine the pressure created by the preload. The solution of this problem was proposed by the French mechanic Lamé in 1828. Lame formulas are fair in a uniform distribution of tangential stress along the surface covered by the component part, that is for thick-walled cylinders. Is of interest to study the applicability of the Lamé formulas for determining the forces of pressing the cylinders into the engine block, which in the theory of materials resistance is considered to be thin-walled. The Chair of energy resources and technical services of the Vologda GMHA the experiment, which is based on the measurement for the press force of fitting sleeve into the engine cylinder block and comparison of the measurement results with results of theoretical calculations according to the Lamé formulas. Based on the results of the experiment we can conclude that for determining the forces of the cylinder block sleeving with optimum tightness is also an applicable methodology (formulas Lama), which is fair for the thick-walled cylinders.

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