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Production of yogurt enriched with topinambour (helianthus tuberosus) of different fractions

The influence of different topinambour Helianthus tuberosus fractions on the organoleptic qualities of a fermented milk product (yogurt) has been determined. The point scales of organoleptic evaluation of yogurt enriched with topinambour Helianthus Tuberosus have been proposed. It has been found out, that the adding of different topinambour Helianthus tuberosus fractions influences the taste properties of the product to a great extent. Yogurt enriched with topinambour juice of medium concentration has been assigned as the best product, from the point of view of organoleptic evaluation.

Fermented milk product with lingonberry juice and oatmeal

The technology of a new fermented milk product with lingonberry juice and oatmeal has been developed. Organoleptic and rheological characteristics of the model samples have been taken into account for the recipe development. The biological value calculation has proved protein usefulness of the new product. The cost price as well as the wholesale and selling prices, confirm the expediency of producing a new product.

Fermented milk product with increased nutritional value

The article is devoted to the development of a new fermented milk drink with increased nutritional value, which is achieved through the use of crushed wheat bran and maple syrup in the recipe. The characteristics of the fillers used are presented, the doses of their application are justified, the calculations of the food and energy value of the product are carried out.

Efficiency increase of protein membrane separation from whey for food products

The paper proposes to expand whey using in food products that has unique characteristics and contains essential nutrients. Proteins are currently obtained by whey ultrafiltration through polymer membranes which characterized by insufficient efficiency and durability. To improve the efficiency of the technology the method for isolating whey proteins using tangential ultrafiltration in tubular ceramic membranes with their continuous regeneration is proposed.

Investigation of the effect of cereal flour on the properties of low-fat functional products

The effect of vegetable fillers on the properties of the fermented milk clot was studied. On the basis of the studies carried out, the dependence of the waterholding capacity of flour of leguminous crops on syneresis was determined. On the basis of organoleptic descriptors, a rating has been created and score scales for organoleptic assessment have been developed. It was determined that the application of flour of leguminous crops has a greater effect on the indicators of taste and consistency. The best rheological characteristics were observed with the addition of barley flour.

Obtaining a probiotic consortium based on strains isolated from cow’s milk

For the prevention and normalization of the microbiota, the imbalance of which leads to a violation of the healthy state of the body, the use of probiotics is promising, and therefore, their development. This work is aimed at creating a probiotic consortium. In the course of the study, the strains of L. acidophilus, L. plantarum and L. casei were isolated, on the basis of which various consortia were assembled. The results showed that a consortium consisting of L. plantarum, L. casei, L.

Justification of the shelf life of yogurt based on skimmed milk concentrate

The present article describes the possibility of using skimmed milk concentrate with a mass fraction of 15% solids obtained by ultrafiltration for the production of yogurt with Jerusalem Artichoke (Helianthus tuberosus) syrup. The authors have carried out the complex study of the organoleptic, physical and chemical and microbiological parameters of the product as well as moisture-holding capacity of the clots during storage.

Development of a concentrated sweet milk product with a combined protein and carbohydrate composition

The work presents formulation and technology of a concentrated dairy product with a partial replacement of skimmed milk powder with whey protein concentrate and a partial replacement of sucrose with American artichoke syrup. The authors have studied physical and chemical as well as organoleptic quality indicators of the product. As a result, it has been found that whey protein concentrate and American artichoke syrup can be recommended in the production process of concentrated sweet dairy products.

Investigation of the influence of a prebiotic ingredient on the quality and biotechnological indicators of a biological product

In this work, we investigated the effect of different mass fraction of a prebiotic ingredient on the organoleptic parameters and biotechnological properties of a fermented milk biological product obtained by fermenting milk by a consortium of microorganisms with pronounced probiotic properties in order to expand the range of innovative biological products for personalized nutrition. It was found that the best performance is possessed by a biological product, in which the mass fraction of lactitol was 7,5%.

Soft cheese production in the conditions of individual and collective farms

The work is aimed at studying the suitability of milk for cheese making and developing the technology for soft cheeses production by the thermoacid method in the conditions of personal subsidiary, individual, and collective farms. Research works have been carried out to determine the quality of milk from cows of “Studencheskiy” Scientific Production Center of the Chuvash State Agrarian University. Studies of milk at the testing laboratory center of the university were carried out according to generally accepted methods.


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