Milk protein composition and its technological properties at Saanen goat’s breed depending on their genotype by beta-lactoglobulin level

УДК 637.12`6:575.22:636.393.9

The research has been carried out in Vysokogorsk district of the Tatarstan Republic where the protein composition of milk from 80 Saanen goat’s breed by electrophoresis in polyacrylamide gel have been studied. It has been found that goat’s and cow’s milk has the similar protein composition. Interspecies differences are more strongly observed in the concentration of individual fractions. It has been found the studied animals in locus β-Lg have two genetic variants: among AA and BB the prevailing one is genotype AA. β-Lg genotypes in goats have the same influence on quality and technological properties of milk as in cows; in other words, the best milk quality is characteristic for AA than BB genotype.

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