Study and possibilyty of using internetional experience of tapping in arkhangelsk region

УДК 630*284.2(470.11)

Tapping- it is rather an ancient form of forest management which represents getting turpentine (resin) from growing trees. The greatest practical importance has tapping of softwood that is mainly represented by pine stands. Resin of pine is used in dozens of production types and leading countries of the world, which include Russia, are the center of its harvesting and processing. The North of the country (Arkhangelsk Region) is its birthplace and the leading base of tapping production in Russia. The peculiarity of the species composition, tapping technology and labor stipulate the scope and volume of harvested raw materials. Analysis and comprehensive assessment of international experience and the possibility of its use in the north of Russia will increase the volume of resin and ensure the development of the industry.

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