Аftereffect of the biomodified organic-mineral fertilizers on agro-podzolic soil

УДК 631.82:631.895

One of the tasks facing the agrochemistry is the search for fertilizers of prolonged action, with the gradual release of nutrients and having aftereffect. Under the conditions of a stationary field experiment on soddy-medium-podzolic light loamy soil in the conditions of the Northern Non-Black Soil Zone, the effectiveness of organic- mineral fertilizer (OMF) made on the basis of lowland peat with the addition of macro- and microelements, as well as humic acids manufactured by OAO the Buyskiy Chemical Plant has been studied. This work presents the data on the aftereffect of ОMF, modified with BisolBifit biological preparations (strains of Bacillus subtillus Ch-13), Phosphatovite (strains of Baccillus mucilaginosus), PhosphoActive (Bacillus subtillus + Baccillus mucilaginosus strains), on the yield and quality indicators of clover meadow and oats. The effectiveness of various grades of organic-mineral fertilizer has been compared both with control variant (without fertilizers) and with variant with complex mineral fertilizers, the dose of which has been equal and averaged N30P24K45 for crop rotation. Studies have carried out at 2 levels of soil acidity: pHKCl 5.1-5.3 and pHKCl 5.7-5.9. In a 5-field field crop rotation, the effect of fertilizers has been studied on vetch-oat mixture, winter wheat and spring barley, and the aftereffect of fertilizers - on the clover meadow and oats. According to the results of the experiment, it has been found that the use of ОMF with BisolBifit increases the crop yield compared to the control variant by 26 % in the first year and by 11 % in the second year of fertilizers aftereffect at both levels of soil acidity. The positive effect of the studied grades of ОMF on the increase in the collection of «crude protein» (on the average by 15-18%) compared with the control has been noted. The ОMF, modified with BisolbiFit subsequently contributed to a more significant increase in yield and the collection of crude protein compared to other grades of ОMF, although there have been no statistically significant differences between them.

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