Productivity of variegated alfalfa after being treated with growth regulators in the Vologda region

УДК 633.311:631.82

Variegated alfalfa is a forage crop that occupies a leading place among perennial forage crops due to its multicut capacity, high yield of green mass and the nutritional value of the resulted feeds. The article presents the results of plant treatment with Biosil, Al’fastim and Emistim growth regulators. The effect of these preparations on the growth processes of variegated alfalfa and the increase of the green mass yield has been proved from theoretical and practical point of view. In the variant treated with Biosil, the average yield has been 44.9 t / ha, which exceeds the control variant without treatment by 4 t / ha. The yield of green mass in the variant treated with Emistim has exceeded the control variant by 2.1 t / ha and amounted to 43 t / ha.

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