The Influence of Agricultural Methods on Formation of Agrophytocenoses of Perennial Grasses of Intensive Use in the European North of Russia

УДК 633. 2/3

The article presents the results of a four-year research on the study of agricultural methods for creating agrophytocenoses of perennial grasses for intensive use. According to the results of the studies, it has been found out that the content of seeded grass species in the grass stand has been high regardless of the species composition and method of sowing and has been 83-94.1% in the third year of use. The method of sowing has had an impact on the botanical composition of agrophytocenoses – the amount of weed vegetation has been higher with the subcover method by 1.2-1.4 times. According to the yield of 9.2-9.9 t/ha of SV, grass mixtures with reed fescue have been distinguished. Grass mixtures with three-mown use have exceeded the two-mown use in protein collecting by 12-32%, and in protein content in 1 kg of SV by 24-43%.

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