Influence of diatomaceous earth and its combinations with poultry manure on soil fertility and crop productivity

The effect and aftereffect of various norms of silicon-containing agricultural ore (diatomite) on the content of humus, nutrition elements, exchange acidity, the fractional composition of water-bearing aggregates in the arable layer of gray forest soil and the productivity of corn and spring wheat were studied. Studies have found that the most significant effect on the increase in the content of humus, alkaline hydrolyzable nitrogen, mobile phosphorus and potassium, a decrease in metabolic acidity was caused by the introduction of diatomite in combination with bird droppings.

Productivity of winter rye grain, yield of nutritive elements by the culture when using fertilizers in the Vologda region

The calculated fertilizer systems have significantly increased the yield of the Volkhov winter rye in grain by 52-67% and in straw - by 50-59% on the soddy podzolic medium loamy soil of the Vologda region on average for three years of research. Applying fertilizers at the rate of 1cwt/ ha in physical weight when sowing during two years out of three ones has provided a significant increase in the yield of winter rye grain. When using the calculated doses of fertilizers, phosphorus and potassium yields by a unit of production has been slightly below the planned values.

Influence of thinning out and nitrogen fertilizers on photosynthesis and growth of spruce in birch forests of myrtillus type

The effect of different nitrogen doses and cutting on the rate of physiological and growth processes has been studied in birch forests of blueberry type in taiga zone. It has been established that nitrogen has got little effect on the vitality and growth of spruce in mature birch forests because of the light lack. In thinned stands the nitrogen increases the rate of photosynthesis twofold, activates processes associated with the accumulation and subsequent outflow of carbon metabolites from the needles. The result of this nitrogen action is the intensification of growth processes.

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