Productivity of winter rye grain, yield of nutritive elements by the culture when using fertilizers in the Vologda region

УДК 633.14:631.559:631.8

The calculated fertilizer systems have significantly increased the yield of the Volkhov winter rye in grain by 52-67% and in straw - by 50-59% on the soddy podzolic medium loamy soil of the Vologda region on average for three years of research. Applying fertilizers at the rate of 1cwt/ ha in physical weight when sowing during two years out of three ones has provided a significant increase in the yield of winter rye grain. When using the calculated doses of fertilizers, phosphorus and potassium yields by a unit of production has been slightly below the planned values. When using the calculated doses of fertilizers, nitrogen and potassium yields have increased by 5-6 kg (20-24%) and 3-7 kg (17-39%) compared to the control, respectively.



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