Theoretical and practical aspects of the process of crystallization of lactose in the production of condensed milk with sugar

The work analyzes various parameters and intensification ways of lactose crystallization in sweetened condensed milk manufacturing. As a result it is concluded that lactose crystallization with two-stage cooling is the most effective method that can be recommended for production.

Scientific development for the cooling temperature of the concentrated dairy product with sugar and malt extract

A two-stage cooling method of the concentrated dairy product with sugar and malt extract is calculated in the article. The given method is based on the principle that cooling rate must outpace lactose crystallization rate. As a result of a pilot check it was found that two-stage cooling method can improve the quality of a finished product compared to a conventional one due to reducing an average size of lactose crystals.

Intensification of lactose crystallization in condensed whey

The article presents the results of the experimental research of crystallizing lactose in 55% solids concentrated nanofiltrate in whey under cyclic temperature conditions and at the general temperature lowering in each cycle.

Crystallizer-evaporator for whey processing

The article presents the design of the experimental device that makes it possible to obtain cost-effective whey processing, combining whey concentration with crystallization. The article gives the analysis of heat and mass transfer processes subject to the work cycle duration.

Experimental studies of the milk whey nano-filtrate curdling process with the accompanying lactose crystallization

The article gives the results of the experimental researches of the milk whey nano-filtrate curdling process combined with the lactose crystallization made on the experimental unit of crystallizer-evaporator. The direction of temperature regimes optimization of the crystallization process is revealed.

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