Yogurt for preschool and schoolchildren

The present article gives the recipe of the fermented milk product with malt and malt extract intended for feeding preschool and schoolchildren. The authors have produced the product samples and have studied their organoleptic as well as physical and chemical quality indicators, which proved that the developed product meets the regulatory requirements according to the basic parameters, the exception being the sucrose content.

Ice-cream on the malt extract basis

The article substantiates the ice-cream recipe of using malt extract. Product producing is made as well as its organoleptic and physical-chemical quality indicators are studied, showing the prospective development of the designed product.

Sweet concentrated milk product

Samples of sweet concentrated milk product with partial replacement of sucrose to glucose - fructose syrup have been developed. The extract of Jerusalem artichoke has been added into the product. Physical-chemical indicators have been studied in the developed samples. It has been found out that the product generally corresponds to the quality indicators of the traditional sweet condensed milks except that of sucrose.

Formulation of glazed curd on the basis of malt extract

The work proves recipes of glazed curd with the use of malt extract. The production of the product was conducted, as well as their organoleptic and physicaland-chemical quality parameters were studied. Experimental development confirmed that the developed product on the basic parameters, except the sucrose content, meets the regulatory requirements.

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