Turkeys meat quality caused by pre-slaughter factors

Тhe study has been carried out at LLC “Evrodon” in October rural area of the Rostov region in 2016 on BIG-6 turkeys cross.It has been established that the gutted carcass output of males is 19, 77±0.69 kg, what is 11.1 kg more than of females. By-products output is also higher by males (0.13; 0.03; 0.10; 0.36; 0.08; 0.05 kg respectively) for heads, gizzards, wings, feet, liver and hearts. It has been also discovered a greater meat and bones output from males than from females: the difference in figure of fillet, thigh, breast, wing, tail, frame is 3.38; 1.3; 1.26; 0.79; 0.16; 1.33 kg.

Growth and development of spruce undergrowth in uneven-aged birch forests in taiga middle subzone

The influence of uneven-aged birch (blueberry kind of environment vegetation) on spruce undergrowth in Syamzhenskiy district of the Vologda region has been studied. It has been established that the growth and development of spruce plantations depend on the age of the main tree stand. Coniferous undergrowth condition deteriorates with the age of birch.

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