Sampling of feed for farm animals as an important stage of their analysis. Selection methods and tools

Sampling is an important part of feed analysis and the reliability of measurement results depends on how it is performed. It’s impossible to correct the errors occurring due to incorrect sampling in the future, and researches no matter how accurate they are, become meaningless. Modern feed sampling is a whole system of organizational and technological measures that must be performed to obtain and maintain a representative (i.e., reflecting the average value of all the characteristics of the entire batch of material) sample.

Rational technological scheme of on-farm feed production for calves with plant matter

The rational technological scheme of feed production containing plant matter for calves has been explained. The scheme includes mutual extrusion of grain and plant matter, the extrudate next mixing with other feed components, or plant matter making for using during winter period by the combination of low-temperature drying and next entering in feed composition. The scheme makes it easy to enable corresponding procedures in the technological process of on-farm enterprises.

Influence of feed quality on milk productivity indicators

The article presents the results of studies on affecting of feed quality on the quality and quantity milk indicators in view of a livestock management method and milking technology. The analysis has revealed the relationship between the balanced diet of dairy cows and the level of milk yield. With the improvement of bulky feed quality the quality of milk has improved too. During the period under review we have noticed an increase in milk production and mass fraction of milk fat content using all management methods and technologies of milking.

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