Sampling of feed for farm animals as an important stage of their analysis. Selection methods and tools

УДК 631.171

Sampling is an important part of feed analysis and the reliability of measurement results depends on how it is performed. It’s impossible to correct the errors occurring due to incorrect sampling in the future, and researches no matter how accurate they are, become meaningless. Modern feed sampling is a whole system of organizational and technological measures that must be performed to obtain and maintain a representative (i.e., reflecting the average value of all the characteristics of the entire batch of material) sample. To ensure the methodically correct sampling of silage and haylage from closed trenches, which would reflect the quality of all the feed laid in the trench at the entire depth of its storage, it is necessary to use special technical means - samplers. The article contains an analysis of the regulatory requirements for the selection process, as well as an overview of modern technical means and designs of samplers. To increase efficiency and to reduce the complexity of sampling, based on the new method of selection of plant samples (patent No. 2651175 2018.) the authors developed silage and haylage sampler with electromechanical drive. The sampler is simple in design and use.

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