Efficiency increase of protein membrane separation from whey for food products

The paper proposes to expand whey using in food products that has unique characteristics and contains essential nutrients. Proteins are currently obtained by whey ultrafiltration through polymer membranes which characterized by insufficient efficiency and durability. To improve the efficiency of the technology the method for isolating whey proteins using tangential ultrafiltration in tubular ceramic membranes with their continuous regeneration is proposed.

Vologdskiy functional feed for farm animals

Сomplexity and high price of making and using the preparation as well as its insufficient functional properties are the disadvantages of well-known functional feeds farm animals. For example, as a rule, yeast supplements for farm animals have a high cost, since relatively expensive raw materials (cake, after-alcohol bard, bran, etc.) are used for their production.

Технологические аспекты производства обогащенных кисломолочных продуктов с использованием молочной сыворотки

The article presents the technology of producing enriched fermented dairy products with whey. The authors describe the composition of the multicomponent starter culture for fermented dairy products, which provides probiotic properties of the products. The component composition and parameters of fermenting milk and whey basis for fermented dairy products are determined. The reasonability of using the syrup of the white mulberry fruit in formulations and its mass fraction applying is determined.

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