The effect of feeding barley grain with various methods of preliminary preparation in a farm

The article considers the effectiveness of the use of various technologies for feeding barley grain (flattening, extrusion) when fattening young Ayrshire cattle in the conditions of a peasant (farm) economy. The eatability of feed is determined when pretreatment grain is included in the diet of animals. At the same time, it is established that feeding crimped and extruded barley grains made it possible to reduce the consumption of feed by 1 kg of growth.

Rational technological scheme of on-farm feed production for calves with plant matter

The rational technological scheme of feed production containing plant matter for calves has been explained. The scheme includes mutual extrusion of grain and plant matter, the extrudate next mixing with other feed components, or plant matter making for using during winter period by the combination of low-temperature drying and next entering in feed composition. The scheme makes it easy to enable corresponding procedures in the technological process of on-farm enterprises.

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