phenological observations

Comparative productivity evaluation of meadow clover (trifolium pratense l.) different varieties in the Vologda region

It was found that the highest hay yield compared to the standard Trio

variety was observed in the Taezhnik variety (105.3 C/ha) in the conditions of the

Vologda region on sod-podzolic medium loamy soil for 2017-2019. The variety to

control provided a significant increase in yield of 15.9 C / ha (18%). The Allure variety

showed a significantly lower yield compared to the standard (17 C / ha, i.e.19%). The

rest of the studied Ranniy-2 and Roseta varieties provided the yield at the standard

The formation of spring triticale structure with different sowing rates

The article discusses the influence of different sowing rates on the spring triticale yield structure in the conditions of Vologda region. The studies are conducted with various seeding rates on the varieties of spring triticale approved for using in the North-West region - Crest and Ukro. The result is that the different seeding rates have a significant effect on the grain yield of spring triticale.

The effect of agrometeorological conditions on the productivity of promising spring triticale varieties

In State Dairy Farming Academy of Vologda Abstract. The article deals with the effect of climatic conditions on growth, developlment and yield of spring triticale varieties in the conditions of the Vologda region. The research was carried out on the following varieties: Scallop, Norman, Ukro, and Amigo. In the research the dates corresponding to the beginning of phenological phases of triticale growth and development have been revealed, yield structure elements and grain quality indices have been defined.

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