Comparative productivity evaluation of meadow clover (trifolium pratense l.) different varieties in the Vologda region

УДК 633.321

It was found that the highest hay yield compared to the standard Trio

variety was observed in the Taezhnik variety (105.3 C/ha) in the conditions of the

Vologda region on sod-podzolic medium loamy soil for 2017-2019. The variety to

control provided a significant increase in yield of 15.9 C / ha (18%). The Allure variety

showed a significantly lower yield compared to the standard (17 C / ha, i.e.19%). The

rest of the studied Ranniy-2 and Roseta varieties provided the yield at the standard

level. The tested varieties of meadow clover showed good and almost excellent winter

hardiness which is 4-4.7 points. The content of “raw” protein exceeded the control

grade of Ranniy-2 (by 1.2%), Taezhnik (by 0.9%), Allure (by 0.5%). For the collection

of “raw” protein with a yield of green mass, the Allure and Roseta varieties were inferior

to the standard by 153 and 11 kg / ha. Ranniy- 2 and Taezhnik varieties provided the

collection of “raw” protein with a green mass yield of 1155 and 1245 kg/ha, respectively,

exceeding the standard by 173 and 263 kg / ha. The average and large correlation of

such indicators as the yield of clover varieties and plant height from r = 0.551 to r =

0.743 was revealed. A weak relationship was established between such indicators as

leafiness and yield (r = 0.434 – 0.525), yield and protein content (r = 0.451), protein

content in the green mass and plant leafiness (r = 0.448).

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