Economic mechanism of local mini-cluster development with participation of small business pattern

The successful operation of mini clusters increases the income of each participant by reducing losses, improving product quality and growing of production volumes, by more complete and rational use of resources and elimination of unnecessary levels of intermediation. All the areas of the Leningrad Region at a distance from the main sales center (Saint-Petersburg) are divided by us into three groups - up to 100 km, 100-199 km and 200 km or more. It has been given the characteristic of each group and it has been identified the sphere of specialization of small business pattern in each group.

Farmer sector of the Vologda region: state, problems and possibilities of their development

The article presents results of the economical and statistical analysis of the main operational performance of development of country farms (peasant ones) of the Vologda region for 2000-2015. It is proved that the role of this way of living in agrosector has repeatedly increased. The group of region areas according to the share of small farms in the agricultural products production is presented. The made calculations demonstrate that out of 26 municipalities 7 it makes more than 70%.

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