Concentrated Milk – Containing Products with Sugar for Confectionery Industry

In this work the optimization of the formulations of concentrated milk-containing products with sugar for confectionery production has been carried out. The “Search for solutions” method has been applied along with MS Office Excel add-in. Samples with desired organoleptic properties have been obtained, their physicochemical parameters have been determined, the costs have been calculated.


Theoretical and practical aspects of the process of crystallization of lactose in the production of condensed milk with sugar

The work analyzes various parameters and intensification ways of lactose crystallization in sweetened condensed milk manufacturing. As a result it is concluded that lactose crystallization with two-stage cooling is the most effective method that can be recommended for production.

Bioavailability Estimation for Canned Dairy Product on the Basis of Soy Protein Isolate

In the work the biological value of a canned dairy product developed on the basis of soy protein isolate and a control sample has been compared. For estimation the following criteria have been taken: the ratio of amino acid profile balance, the index of comparable redundancy, the index of irreplaceable amino acids and the ratio of utility attitude. As a result, it has been found that the developed product exceeds the control sample in all the above mentioned estimation criteria.

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