biochemical parameters

Monitoring the viability of dairy cows

The article presents a working model for monitoring the basic body processes in animals. The main approaches to the implementation of the proposed model are described and disclosed. It has been indicated that the requirements for assessing feed quality and actual nutritional value include the task core to be solved not only in order to control viability, but also to increase the dairy farming efficiency at agricultural enterprises of the Vologda region.

Biochemical blood test in high-yielding lactating cows during the initial stage of lactation depending on the housing system

The biochemical parameters of blood in high-yielding lactating dairy cows during the initial stage of lactation and the tightness of this stage depending on the housing system have been studied. Innovative cattle housing and milking methods are considered in comparison with the classic tied housing system. The authors point out that the basis of effective dairy farming is the organization of standardized feeding system, and its impact on the condition of the animal.

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