Monitoring the viability of dairy cows

УДК 636.2.084:612.12(470.1/.2)

The article presents a working model for monitoring the basic body processes in animals. The main approaches to the implementation of the proposed model are described and disclosed. It has been indicated that the requirements for assessing feed quality and actual nutritional value include the task core to be solved not only in order to control viability, but also to increase the dairy farming efficiency at agricultural enterprises of the Vologda region. More than 5 types of feed samples, more than 50 biological material samples (blood of dairy cows), 30 samples of cicatricial content have been studied during the experiment. The results of feed analysis are the basis of the method and the starting point for the implementation of the tasks. The presented parameters of the biological test are used to assess the level of metabolic processes in the dairy cows body, to predict further productivity, reproductive qualities and to prevent the health of animals. The methods combination is the full-valued feeding of dairy cows. The importance of control in the normalized feeding system is not only in monitoring the productive herd, but also allows to control the dairy activity of cows. The future researches are connected with improving the control system of dairy cows viability that to be detailed in the direction of the ruminants digestion.

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